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Acrylic nails are an artificial nail enhancement designed to help your nails get stronger and extend their length. Polish also stays longer in acrylic nails. Here, fill-ins are required every 2-3 weeks.


A permanent French manicure! Pink & White is a growing trend because of its natural beauty, versatility, and ease of wear. A full set of Pink & White can be easily and beautifully achieved either with an overlay on your natural nails.


Ideal for tip overlays and for sculpting natural-length nails! Builder Gel is perfect for quick, precise results, and especially for a sensitive nail plate as it is crystal clear, soft, and acid-free. It contains no color intensifying agent and cannot be pinched. 


A great alternative to Acrylic! Liquid Gel is a strong and healthy product for your natural nails as it has no odor, primer, or requires no liquid. It is much thinner and has lighter weight. It also helps the nails to grow stronger and healthier.


Recommended by U.S dermatologists for natural nail care! Dream Gel is a natural color gel that is free of any bonders and primers but provides excellent adhesion on both natural nails and tips. It is extremely hard-wearing, flexible, and chip-free. It acts as a shock absorber that repairs damaged natural nails, hydrates cuticles, and prevents nails from cracking or tearing. 


Gel-X nail extensions are made from the same gel that’s in polish. This means they’re a lot thinner, more malleable and – best of all – more natural-looking than traditional extensions. The extension is then applied with a layer of clear gel polish, which is cured under an LED lamp to bond it to the natural nail.                                                                                                           


Dipping powder is a healthy and natural nail solution by Signature Nail System. With added Vitamin E and Calcium, it helps your nails to grow out stronger and healthier. It guarantees a long-lasting stay and allows high shine. 


Say goodbye to chips and smudges! The treatment is a combination of the Basic Manicure and a Gel nail polish. As promised, the gel color can last for a guaranteed period with a glamorous shine. 

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